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Under-tailgate spreader (tailgate replacement)

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I'm hoping Polaris or a 3rd party realizes the need for a UTV liftbed "under tailgate" sander, like I see on the big town dump trucks. These are basically an powered tailgate replacement with an auger to keep the sand flowing, fed by lifiting the bed to make the sand flow down to the gate.

Here's one example:

And here's a close-up of a Salt Dogg model:

I primarily use a tow-behind spreader, both to break up ice with Calcium Chloride "Peladow" ice melt, and sometimes also spread sand+salt mix (many NH towns distribute salted sand free to residents).
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KevinNH, I agree. That would be a nice option. Only problem is that there are no rear hydraulic connections and if you put extensions on the front, you couldn't run a snow blower or plow. The attached picture is a what they have available for the RTV1100.....cost is over #3K.


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I'm planning to modify my truck hitch mount spreader and carry extra bags of salt/sand in the bed. One can definitely pick up a used unit like this for a much better price than what they would charge for purpose built unit. And you can still carry shovels, etc. in the box.
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