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Any avid hunter knows that careful handling of the gun is essential to safety. When you are planning a hunting trip on your side-by-side, you may get puzzled about the issue of placing your rifle someplace safe on the vehicle where it doesn’t get damaged or threaten to harm you or your hunting buddy with an accidental discharge. Seizmik company that offers high-quality accessories for UTVs for over 15 years now has a perfect solution for you: a universal over-the-head gun rack or an on-seat gun holder.

You can place two long rifles or shotguns into the rack that can be easily mounted over the driver’s head on any tubular roll cage. If you have a roof, your guns will also be protected from the elements. Alternatively, you can use an on-set gun holder made from durable foam which is sturdy but flexible enough to dampen vibration, impacts and protect your guns from scratches and damage.

Seizmik® - Custom Overhead Gun Rack - POWERSPORTSiD.com

Seizmik® 07200 - ICOS In Cab On Seat Gun Holder - POWERSPORTSiD.com

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You can call our customer support line at 888.903.4348 (toll free) in case you have any question.
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