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Stolen shamelessly:
1. How does an engine achieve torque rise? What is going on inside the engine to provide this extra output? The amount of torque is determined by the quantity of fuel delivered to the cylinders. By injecting a larger quantity of fuel at an intermediate engine speed, a higher torque can be achieved than what is available at the engine?s rated speed and load. The difference between the amount of torque at this intermediate speed (called torque peak) and the torque available at rated power is called torque rise. For example, if an engine develops 1,000 pound-feet of torque at rated power, and 1,400 pound-feet at torque peak, it has a torque rise of 40 per cent. (See the graph for another example.) The amount of fuel delivered is directly related to and determined with electronic calibrations and fuel curves today.

Based on what I see that would occurred about 3200 RPM.
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