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The world of off road has been turned on its head over the past 12 months. When choosing our 10 favorite ATVs and UTVs of 2014, we started with a list of 50 new and revised models and we hear rumors of more on the way almost weekly.

Getting on the gas with several marketing moves, the sleeping giant, Honda, has been very active. This gives us proof that the industry is beginning to wake up even more. We have seen an inflating trend in the working side of the industry as many companies start to focus on the bread and butter of what fills the bank account for them.

Hunting is a huge part of the Side-by-Side industry. Without hunters, ranchers, active farmers or land maintenance workers, we would not be seeing the evolution to the Utility side of this industry. In 2014, Yamaha brought out the Viking VI while rethinking and redesigning the way three people fill the front and back stretch of a working ride. And there are many more examples of manufacturers finding ways to make these machines better and more useful.
Read more about the Top 10 ATVs and UTVs of 2014 at ATV.com.
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