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Tooth Bar mounted on Material Bucket?

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I was wondering if anyone has mounted a Tooth Bar on the Material Bucket yet? I see on the Bobcat site that they do make them in sizes from 44" - 80" wide but I'm not sure if they fit our buckets? I've searched and do see that they do make aftermarket ones that bolt onto the buckets but again not sure any fit. I feel they would make our buckets a heck of a lot more useful. Any thoughts or input?

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This is one of the many things I plan on doing next spring.
I just saw the grapple attachment on the bobcat 3650 site, it works with the bucket.
Nice! these would be great to have for digging. Do make sure to post some video or even pictures of it in action when the time comes around for that!
Does anybody know what the price is for the grapple kit?
...plus the price of the bucket, unless you already have one.

BRUTUS GRAPPLE KIT 2880927 looks to run around $650,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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