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At a price of £21,499 for the top of the line model, the Polaris Brutus is the fanciest SxS around. I wasn't aware of quite how amazing the Brutus was, until I realized that other companies just do not offer the same amount of features and comfort as Polaris does.

The Polaris Brutus HD PTO comes with heating, air conditioning and padded door linings. Looking at the Honda Pioneer, the same can't be said of that. The Polaris Brutus also comes with a myriad of accessories. It can hold a front-mounted mower, sweeper brush and snow blower. It can also hold a pallet fork and small bucket. Not to mention a 90 amp alternator. Like I said before, fully loaded it comes in at £21,499.

The only accessory Honda offers as an actual tool is a blade. The rest are things like enclosures and windscreens. Honda's Pioneer also comes in at a much cheaper price, $11,999 (sorry about the conversion).

Is the Polaris Brutus the best around? Is it the BMW of the SxS market? All signs point to the Polaris Brutus being a "luxury SxS.
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