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Steep hill decent

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Hi, so I am just in the process of buying a 2018 Brutus which I’m dead excited about but I’m also worried, to access our land we have a gate followed by a 26 degree slope straight after the gate, not by design just how the land lies. It used to be 33 degrees but I moved about 70 ton of soil and stone to lessen the slope that was after I rolled the tractor which we both survived but lots of bruises so my concerns are genuine. I’ve read lots of comments about what different machines do and don’t do but there’s not many clear answers when it comes to reasonably steep hills that are compact soil with a bit of stone, I guess as time goes on I will need to add to the hill as the track wears but that’s okay and the track is approximately 50 - 60 m and mostly 26 degrees. I don’t intend on towing a trailer up and down unless it’s empty but maybe put my bees in the back if I need to move them.
So my question is does the Brutus have a hill decent control or any tips on going down and back up this sort of slope? I have to go down in a controlled decent as there’s a couple of trees to avoid at the bottom and I don’t have a run up to go back out! Any thoughts?
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Just in case anyone is interested, Brutus drives well up and down 26 degrees, a bit slow but I’m not worried about that. The tyres I am changing but the ones I have currently are really worn and it still drove nicely up and down with no slippage so really impressed 🇬🇧🐝
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