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I have a 2014 Polaris Ranger HST(Basically a Ranger-badged Brutus) and I am having starting/electrical problems in colder weather. "Colder" is a relative term since I live in Southeast Texas just a few miles from the coast and it rarely gets lower than the 30s here(except for the epic freeze of 2021!).
When the temp is "colder"(30s-40s-50s) and I go to start the voltage usually drops to 10.8 or so until the glow plugs time out, at which time it will rise to the low 11s. Most of the time when I attempt to start it will just click and the gauges will go blank - release the key from start and the display comes back, with the voltage slowing rising. Usually after several tries it will turn the starter just enough to start. Once running the voltage reading will go up to 14.4, and after warmup it starts no problem. When the temp is high 60s and above no problems.

I have checked connections several times, tried another battery(and starter) and starting with jumper cables - all with the same result.
Tried pulling the glow plug fuse and also the glow plug relay. With the relay pulled the voltage will only drop to somewhere around 11.2. I have also pulled the relay and ohmed the glow plugs from the relay connection and the reading corresponds to what it should be for three glow plugs in parallel(I have a service manual).

Any ideas?
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