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Snowthrower Float Mode

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Does anyone know if the snowthrower should or could be used in the float mode. It mentioins in the user manual how to engage the float mode but does not specifically state in the user directions to use it while snowthrowing. I know in the bucket use directions it specifically states not to use the float mode when moving forward just in reverse when backfilling. To me it would seem that float mode will enable the snowthrower to better follow the contour of the ground and evenly remove snow.
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Yes it should be used in the float mode, however, if you don't have the fore and aft tilt set right the blade on the snowblower will dig into the gravel or rocks on your driveway. If you have pavement it's not too bad. I clean 4 driveways, all dirt or crushed rock, 2 are level and if I have the shoes adjusted down enough it won't dig in and start throwing rocks, but on the other 2 driveways there are little and big hills, if you leave the blower in the float mode it will dig in some if left in float. Unless you roll the blower back so it tilts up more than normal, or take it out of float and manually try to keep it out of the dirt. After winter sets in and a layer of ice builds up on the driveway you can leave it in float and it should work fine.
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