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Snow Blower Shear Pins

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Polaris dealers charge $15.59 for a Snow Blower Shear Bolt. The bolt I removed from my brand new Snow Blower is a grade 8, yellow steel, 5/16 by 2", with Hex Nylon Lock Nut. Here is the same bolt and nut available at Bolt Depot 50 bolts and 100 nuts for $12.94.

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Product# Description Quantity Unit Price Subtotal
603 Hex bolts, Zinc plated grade 8 steel yellow, 5/16"-18 x 2" 1 box of 50 $8.99 $8.99
2676 Hex lock nuts nylon insert, Zinc plated grade 8 steel yellow, 5/16"-18 1 box of 100 $3.95 $3.95
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The grade 8 - 5/16" factory shear bolts have grooves cut at the points that the bolt will shear. This effectively reduces the diameter of the bolt and reduces the force required to shear. My suggestion would be to use a grade five bolt as it will shear somewhat easier. By my reckoning it will shear at about the same force as a 1/4" diameter grade 8 bolt.
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