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Snow Blower Shear Pins

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Polaris dealers charge $15.59 for a Snow Blower Shear Bolt. The bolt I removed from my brand new Snow Blower is a grade 8, yellow steel, 5/16 by 2", with Hex Nylon Lock Nut. Here is the same bolt and nut available at Bolt Depot 50 bolts and 100 nuts for $12.94.

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Product# Description Quantity Unit Price Subtotal
603 Hex bolts, Zinc plated grade 8 steel yellow, 5/16"-18 x 2" 1 box of 50 $8.99 $8.99
2676 Hex lock nuts nylon insert, Zinc plated grade 8 steel yellow, 5/16"-18 1 box of 100 $3.95 $3.95
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$15 each?

Seems like Grade 8, 5/16 x 2" is a common shear pin spec, anybody found a good source for shear pins with the grooves?

The grade 8 - 5/16" factory shear bolts have grooves cut at the points that the bolt will shear. This effectively reduces the diameter of the bolt and reduces the force required to shear. My suggestion would be to use a grade five bolt as it will shear somewhat easier. By my reckoning it will shear at about the same force as a 1/4" diameter grade 8 bolt.
On my old snow-blower, I use actual shear pins; the one time I tried using a bolt instead of a purpose-made shear pin, it was tough to remove the old sheared bolt. Same concern with substituting Grade 5 bolts -- those tend to smear more than shear.
CAD$3.50 is still better than $15 at the dealer.

I got a pack of "Stens" shear pins for Ariens 51001500 at around a buck each, the bolts that arrived were ungraded (no markings, grade 2 at best), YMMV.

I'll keep my eyes open for a reasonable price on authentic grade 8, 5/16 by 2" shear pins with the grooves and nylon lock nut.
Does Bobcat charge a dealer fee like Polaris "Commercial" line fee?

Anyone have an update on cheaper shear bolts, this morning the bolt in the fan let loose and that's when I realized I don't have anymore, thought I had 2 left.
The Ariens 51001500 pins are easy to find a cheap Chinese imports run a buck or less, or you can get them at any Ariens dealer. Not an exact match for Brutus OEM, but the right length and diameter.

Every Brutus dealer said they could sell 1 or 2 a year, but they would lose money on that low of volume due to the Commercial dealer fee Polaris charges. I think the Bobcat dealer has the same problem as I bought the only one he ordered.
Not all Bobcat dealers carry the UTV line, I think it's because they make more from the Toolcat lineup; I doubt Bobcat makes them pay a dealer fee like Polaris does?

If you go to your Bobcat dealer for shear pins, even if they don't have the right pins, they should have the 2.25" ones that fit the BX2750.
If you have a John Deere or Kubota dealer nearby, the shear bolts made for their PTO blowers (e.g. BX2750 or bigger) may be a viable substitute.

These are the same diameter and should be more robust than Ariens pins, looks like they run about $2/each at the Kubota dealer.
I've been using "Made in Taiwan" clones of the Ariens 51001500 pins, but these Ariens counterfeit pins are definitely weaker than the official product that came installed in my snowblower. I'm tempted to try the Kubota pins, as they're only about two bucks each.

Anybody know of a reasonably priced (as in less than $15.59 each!) mail order source of quality shear pins? I don't want to use straight up bolts, looking for actual purpose-designed pins.
Best source for Grade 8, 5/16 x 2" shear pins?

The fan has been going through the cheap knockoff Ariens 51001500 pins at a good clip. Any recommendations for better snowblower shear pins? Anybody tried one of the options from JSE?

The John Deere part (#AM136890) is too expensive for a consumable item, I may need to try Ariens OEM, a 3-pack for $15.
Apparently Kubota BX2750 uses grade 5 for the auger, and grade 8 for the fan (impeller)?

Still looking for Polaris "impeller" shear pins at a reasonable. Appears the impeller uses the same pins as the left/right augers, but in my experience the impeller pin breaks easily, much easier than the left or right side. I bought a pack of Ariens 51001500, they were sold as "Stens" but are really Taiwan import fakes.

Partzilla says the official shear bolt is Polaris #3120825 (replaces 3120437) and wants $18 for each pin.
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