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roll cage accessory

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2014 Brutus HDPTO. Looking for a lock and ride system type of headache rack. No supplier will confirm if it fits my cargo bed. Any help on this inactive site?
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I bought one from sportsman's guide on clearance. Used a home made lock and ride hold down. Worked perfect.

Here is the one I got, they are sold out but I think almost any adjustable one will work.
If you want me to shoot you some pics just PM me.

Guide Gear Adjustable Headache Rack with Flat Bar Panels
Item # WX2-712145/Mfg. Number: 10105065/UPC: 885344876081
Any Ranger XP900 accessory should fit. The Brutus bed is longer than Ranger but the mounting holes are spaced the same.

Look on page 12 of the 2016 attached catalog, it has the tilt down headache rack.

I have the fixed rack with tool holders #2879121 shown on page 12 of the 2015 catalog on my 2013 Brutus as well as the spare tire carrier.

Try searching using the part numbers in the catalogs or try your local Bobcat Dealer 3650 utv accessories which is the same as the Brutus.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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