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Replacement struts for a 2013

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Seems like a lifetime ago that I last posted here!

I've had a clunk in the front end of my Brutus for quite a while now. The ball joints checked out OK, in which case I strongly suspect I've got a bad strut. I went to crank up the adjuster rings on the shocks but only one would adjust (figure the one with the stuck adjuster is the bad unit). So...

What a good replacement shock/strut? OEM part number is 7043800. If there's a better aftermarket unit I'd be up for that, assuming, that is, it's not significantly more expensive than the stock units (which can be found for about $130 ea).

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My 2013 Brutus developed a clunk a couple weeks ago, did not see anything. A couple days ago, heard a loud bang, saw the top of the right front shock was blown out. The top of the shock is very thin metal. I fear that they are cheaply built and that Polaris will not have them in the future. I saw that the 2017-2018 shocks are also a different part number, but do not know if they would fit.

I Needed to get the unit fixed as soon as possible with a winter storm coming, ordered them from polaris, #7043800, $130 ea, and made arrangements to get the springs installed at my local dealer. Just waiting on Fedex to deliver them.

The shock has a Sachs part number #814902005591, Mexico and looks like a date code of 213-13 Tried google and going to the Sachs website for any info and found nothing.

I am also looking for an alternative and did not find anything readily online. I did find a vendor on ebay that says they have the rear shock and spring made by a different company for about $150 ea.

I tried to see if my spring compressors would work and found that the coils are too tight to hook on to. The dealer told me $30 per spring to install.

Did anyone experience the same thing and or find an alternative that fits?
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