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I'm finding that my 4wd is not disengaging as it should and when engaged I'm getting a lot of push pack from the front end and losing a lot of forward speed.

The problem is noticeable in 2 ways. On solid surfaces that may be a bit slippery, if I spin a bit when taking of the 4wd kicks in to get me going but then it will not disengage once rolling and you notice it fighting you.

The other scenario is in loose surface like a sugary groomed snow trail or soft sandy trail. If 4wd is required constantly, forward speed is greatly reduced. Almost 50%

Anyone else seeing this with their machines?

The manual say there may be a loss of speed in 4wd but c'mon! A 4wd system like this should not have such a large effect on speed. You should be able to run 4wd in high and barely notice. Not feel like you've got a both front wheel bearing going!

A problem like this is especially troublesome on a machine that already suffers from a lack of speed.
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