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Raising the mower in while backing up?

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Hello! I wanted to see how necessary it is to raise the mower deck while backing up? I read if backing up to raise it a couple inches off the ground. Please let me know anyone using the mower deck. I have raised it and I have not raised it, depending on how far I am backing up. Thanks!
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I don't raise mine, and I mow around 20 acres.


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Ok, great! Thanks for the info! I have not been raising it, it seems pointless.
I have found that driving the Brutus ( I haven't given HER a name yet), forward or in reverse is a rather straight forward issue and not a problem.(w/ the blades in gauged) If you try to TURN with the mower deck in "Float" mode, the lateral stresses on the front mount and the pto shaft are quite high. The turn radius will be very exaggerated, as the drag of the four caster wheels, and the wheel base of the machine try to turn in concert. I have found that lifting the deck up out of "Float" and bringing it up 4-6 inches, is more than enough clearance to turn the system without any issue, it also allowed me to do something that had not occurred to me. The heavy gauge of the deck steel and the commercial grade blades make an exceptional brush hag. With the deck hovering about 6-8 inches off the ground and being mindful to watch the deck closely so if the terrain in front of the system changes, you don't put the deck in a condition where the pto shaft is being over stressed, you can clear quite a bit of ground. I have five acre's and have reclaimed almost a third. I hope this was helpful.

Semper Fidelis,
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