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Before I bought the Brutus I had a diesel Ranger. I park in a garage attached to my house. I often put the machine in neutral and roll it outside before starting so that the diesel smoke doesn't linger in the garage and enter the house. I had put a set of radial tires on this Ranger right when I got it. When it came time to sell it I pulled the tires off and put the original bias tires back on. It was then that I noticed how much harder it is to roll on bias ply tires than radials. I'm not sure how much this affects acceleration and attaining maximum travel speed, but on a vehicle that is so underpowered I have to believe it makes a difference. The radials also ride and handle a lot better. Just something to consider for anyone trying to squeeze a little more performance out of their Brutus.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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