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Pushing/towing a dead Brutus HD PTO

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My Brutus won't start and I need to tow it 600 feet to pavement. One dealer said don't do it because it is hydrostatic . Can I put this in Neutral and push it/tow it this short distance?
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Here is a follow up question. Is there a bypass switch? I did some internet searching but it was for tractors.
There's no bypass valve on the pump like some tractors have. It's OK to tow with the transmission in neutral, it won't do any damage.
I agree -- should be OK to do with transmission in Neutral.

Owner's manual, page 56:
Towing a BRUTUS
Towing this vehicle is not recommended. Always transport the vehicle on a trailer or flatbed
with all four wheels off the ground. See page 118.
If towing a disabled vehicle is unavoidable, place the disabled vehicle’s transmission in
neutral. Tow the shortest distance possible. Do not operate faster than 10 MPH (16 km/h).
Thanks a lot! Now I need to figure how to get the hydraulic arm from the down position to the up position so I can get it up a small hill. Got no power.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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