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I got a call from one of our downtown guys saying that one of our 3600s wouldn't go above 10mph. I checked it out and found the unit had high idle RPMs. Also found the bolt for the command lever was almost all the way out. I tightened that to see if it made a difference and it increased the speed to 13mph. Then I noticed the pump plate was almost broken in two (how I missed it first I don't know). I loaded it on the trailer and took to the dealer.

I don't know how this would break. All I can think of is the vibration from the engine causing it to crack and it just got worse. I have noticed that on all 5 of our units the black plastic cover that is over the command lever are cracked and broken at the bolts. This happened when these were fairly new.

Any ideas? Maybe the mounting bolts were over tightened when assembled?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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