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I am following the service manual procedure for replacing the PTO drive belt and have run into a huge hurdle. I have removed all necessary hoses, etc. including the 2 mounting bolts for the hydrostatic pump, next step is removing the pump from the bell housing of the motor but my pump will not budge even thousandths of an inch in any direction. Have tried soaking the mounting flange perimeter with various penetrating oils both inside and outside of the bell housing over a 2 week period, pry bars, built a plate to bolt on in place of the command lever mounting plate and even with a 4 foot long pry bar can not get the pump to rotate or move in any direction.

Is there a hidden bolt, access to the pump drive coupling or anything else that needs to be removed or loosened to allow the hydro-pump to be removed once the 2 mounting bolts are out?

Any other advice on replacing the PTO drive belt on the Brutus / 3650?

Thank you in advance!

Old Fart
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