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I finely have lots of grass to mow.
1. Lift the mower deck wheels off the ground and set the mower wheels for the proper cut height, verify that they will rotate a full 360 degrees without hitting the mower deck, adjust what holes the pins go thru and or turn the whole wheel bar around so that they will rotate freely, or they will catch on the mower deck and dig into your lawn.

2. Park on a level area and lower the mower deck, then jam the joystick full forward to put it in the up and down float mode.

3. Move the joystick side to side to adjust the tilt, run the tilt until the the front wheels try to come off the the ground, then run the tilt in the opposite direction until the rear wheels try to come off the ground, now that you know the full tilt range try to set the tilt in the center of the two extremes, this will give you you the most forward to back float.

4. The side to side tilt is built into the mower deck, make sure it's not stuck, lift the mower deck off the ground, now following all the safety procedures so you don't cut off any of your favorite body parts, get out and push down on the left and right sides of the mower, deck, it should tilt side to side with around a foot of play.

5. That's all you can do, in the rough fields I mow it sometimes isn't enough, but works great most of the time without tearing up your lawn.


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