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Power angle broom for a Polaris Brutus or a Bobcat 3650

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I purchased this as a demo model from M&M Lawn and Leisure in Rushford, MN. I have only used it twice on my driveway, however it looks like the dealer got a fair amount of use out of it as it is not new. It works great and everything functions as it should. My driveway is starting to crumble and I am going to return it to a rock driveway and will have no use for the broom. It is very powerful and will dig up and throw pieces of asphalt were my driveway is crumbling. I purchased about every attachment available for the brutus and do not need them all. This has been stored inside my garage since I purchased it although I know the dealer stored it outside. I would rate it as good to fair condition but I'am a little OCD about my stuff and probably more critical then most. The PTO drive shaft is also in good condition with no bends or kinks and runs the broom with no vibration. I also have the owners manual for it. These angle brooms retail for $4800.00 new. This is a nice and well built piece of equipment, I just have no need for it. Asking $2800.00. Tony 651-231-2517

Link to Craigslist add with pictures:
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Do you still have the Brutus broom? if so, please call Jerry at 608.574.2547

Yes still have it. I received your text messages.

Thank You,
The Broom is SOLD.

Thank You.
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