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Polaris using Yanmar engines again?

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I was just looking at the official Polaris Brutus website and the specs list the 904cc Yanmar engine. Did they switch back to Yanmar or is it just outdated info?
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I suspect outdated info, or does Yanmar now meet the new emissions standards?

I suspect outdated info.

IIRC, they switched from Yanmar to Kohler to meet emissions -- does Yanmar now have a emissions compliant version of the 904cc engine?
I looked at the parts catalog for 2017 and it shows the Kohler. I guess they put as much effort into updating the website as they do supporting the stuff they sell. ;)

I'm not convinced that emissions compliance was the sole reason for the change. John Deere is still selling Gators with the old Yanmar 3TNV70 and lawn tractors with the Minimax. I suppose Deere has a better relationship with Yanmar and Polaris got a better deal from Kohler.

I also just noticed Yanmar is selling UTVs now. It looks like a re-badged Yamaha. No diesel option.
The 3TNM72 904cc Minimax that was used in the Brutus has been replaced with a 3TNM74 993cc Minimax that is Tier 4 Final compliant. I'm not sure when it became available but as far as i know there was no gap in sales of the JD machines that use the Minimax.
Doing a little more research tonight, I found out the 3TNM74 was introduced in January 2012 and used by JD in their 2013 models. So the story about switching to Kohler for emissions reasons is not true.
What's the price increment between the old 3TNM72 and the new tier-4 3TNM74?

When Polaris made the switch to Kohler for their UTVs, they talked up the ability to run biodiesel, issued press releases about the new Tier 4-compliant Kohler diesel engines...

Now for 2017 they're back to talking up the ...isolation-mounted, fuel efficient YANMAR® diesel power plant delivers low vibration and lower speed torque...

I notice they still aren't using any form of the word "quiet" :rolleyes:
Yanmar 3TNM72 goes for about $6500, 3TNM74 about $7000. The Kohler is about $4200.
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