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Polaris Dealer selling Brutus at Discount with NO factory warranty? Fishy?

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Going to inspect/test drive a Brutus HDPTO this weekend at an authorized Polaris dealer who says he "bought the unit at a Polaris Factory Demo Auction" and it only has 4 hours on it but because it's a "demo unit" they cannot sell it with a new factory warranty.

The discount is pretty good...but they're trying to sell me a 4 year "factory warranty" for $975 which has no deductible. Supposedly.

Does this sound right? Does this pass the smell test?

They have three Brutus in stock with at least two of every PTO accessory in stock too.

They seem "legit" on their website but have never visited their shop...a few hours away.

I think I might call Polaris corporate HQ and ask their advice, huh?

Polaris Corporate Headquarters
2100 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340

Thanks for your insights!
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That seems odd to me...a demo does include a factor warranty. I almost purcashed one with 72 hours on it. 4 hours is nothing.

I would red the fine print and see what it covers and make sure its a factor warranty...make sure it covers pto electrical, and tredle pedle adjustments...lol

No deductible is usually only at the sellling dealer. Make sure the contract shows zero deductible after you get the paperwork.

Whats a good deal on a demo unit with 4 hours...I am assuming 20k?

I would make sure you test drive it up hills and on wet fields...make the dealer come to you after you negotiate a price. Tell them if it passes your test drive you will by it. Once again I am going to stress the Brutus is for parking lots or level yards...not farms and wet grass or hills. The kubota 1100 was better machine, but doesnt have the pto and snowblower or flip out window. I would wait another year until the work out the kinks. I test drove many of them and then test drove the new kubota. I also drive two kubota rtv 900 and a polaris 550 xp. I had the polaris brutus on the farm for three days of test driving. It did not past my farm test and I wasnt being unrealistic. If I needed a snowblower for my asphalt driveway I would get it in a heartbeat.
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There are low hour auction units available, and it is likely legit. M&M? Also, find out who the warranty is through. Polaris recently brought their warranty and ESC stuff in house which is a really good thing.
There are low hour auction units available, and it is likely legit. M&M? Also, find out who the warranty is through. Polaris recently brought their warranty and ESC stuff in house which is a really good thing.
Good to know! Good chance to scoop up one at an auction
very fishy

did you get back from headquarters with an answer?
don't buy a brutus without a warranty

don't buy a brutus without a warranty. If you're experience is like mine, you're going to need that warranty.
can you provide a little more deatail of what has happened? i just bought mine and still have 5 months to decide if i want the extended warranty. i opted out to start with.
Hey guys, my name is Erik I am a salesman at M&M Lawn and Leisure. This is normal for a demo machine not to have warranty on it. Our Brutus come with warranty however we have low miles rangers that do not come with warranty. It does not reflect the condition of the machine. It has to do with the way the machine was purchased from polaris. I hope this helps with your question.
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So please explain how one could be bought from Polaris without warranty.
It happens. Dealers go out of business and some states have laws that require that manufacturer to buy the units back. They then go to auctions. You can buy a third party warranty if you like.
I've just purchased one of the "used" 2013 demo units from M&M. They are titled to M&M which means M&M owns the unit, and I will be the second owner. It is not the same as new dealer inventory units that are owned by Polaris. I'm assuming M&M had to purchase these from Polaris, they are the first owner, and they get the warranty.

Polaris warranty is just about worthless anyway. They are masters of denying claims and blaming the customer. It takes a good dealer to get anything covered. And when it comes to Brutus, I'm not sure a Polaris dealer tech is the best guy to be working on the machine anyway. I'm perfectly comfortable buying a demo unit that has a few hours on it, chances are any major manufacturing problems will have been worked out already, and anything that comes up later I can fix myself. The $8000 off MSRP will go a long way.
I purchased a demo unit from m&m, and let me tell you they are everything but truthful. Call polaris customer service with the vin number and they will tell you exactly when the warranty expires. All machines,regardless of being a demo unit, carry a 1yr factory warranty. This includes pto attachments. If anyone is experiencing these problems, as I have, please respond. I have been told by m&m that the machine had no warranty; however, polaris customer service says that is not true and has given me the date which the factory warranty expires. M&M has been awful to deal with as far as customer service applies. Personally,I urge you to look elsewhere.
If I bought a machine at a huge discount with the expectation that there was no warranty, then find out it's covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty I don't think I'd be upset about it. If M&M's service sucks or they don't want to work on it just take it somewhere else.

The unit I bought from M&M did come with a certificate of origin with M&M listed as the dealer/distributor. I'm not sure what meaning that has as far as warranty is concerned, nor do I care at this point. The sales agreement that I signed says no warranty. They may be violating their dealer agreement with Polaris, but they sure don't owe me anything.

My local dealer (1000 miles away from M&M) has heard of them and said he's lost many sales to them. He said he asked his Polaris rep how they can sell below cost. The Polaris rep told him they are gambling. If they sell enough units they get a volume bonus from Polaris that makes up for the lower sale prices. I don't know if it's true, but that's what my dealer told me.
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