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The Polaris Brutus is one of the most capable SxS vehicles on the market. TO prove that point I have a little comparison here of the Brutus HD vs. John Deere Gator XUV 855D Power Steering. You should notice that the Brutus is far more capable, but also far more expensive.

Brutus HD - MSRP $20,499 (CAN)

Engine: 904cc 3-cylinder Diesel
Horsepower: 24 HP
Payload Capacity: 2,250 lb
Hitch Towing: 2,000 lb
Rear Cargo Capacity: 1,250 lb

Plenty of accessories are available for the Brutus, though they are expensive. But just look at all the things you can do with the Brutus HD.

Accessories: sprayer, plow, winch, blower, pallet forks, mower, broom, bucket.

So how does the Brutus compare to a comparable SxS from John Deere?

John Deere XUV 855D Power Steering - MSRP $16,239 (CAN)

Engine: 854cc, liquid cooled 3-cylinder diesel
Horsepower: 23 hp
Payload Capacity: 1400 lb
Towing Capacity: 1500 lb

The engine and horsepower of the John Deere are pretty on par with the Brutus, but payload and towing capacities lag pretty far behind. It really becomes clear what the difference between the two vehicles is when you look at what accessories the John Deere XUV 855D is compatible with.

Accessories: winch, plow, spreader

So just to lay it out clearly, here is what the Brutus can use that the John Deere cannot: blower, pallet forks, mower, broom, bucket

Where things even out a bit is when you look at price though. The Brutus HD (the base model isn't compatible with accessories) already costs quite a bit more than the John Deere, and when you factor in that you have to buy each accessory separately as well, the final conclusion is that the Brutus is undoubtedly more capable, but that capability comes at a price.

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I agree with the essence of what you are saying but the big difference in price here is the hydrostatic transmission- they are expensive and adds $$$ to the manufacturing cost. This is a technology that Deere does not offer anywhere in their UTV lineup. The Polaris treadle pedal makes this machine sooooo user friendly.

The better comparison would be the Ranger diesel at 1500 lb payload and 2000 lb towing. The chassis and suspension are otherworldly in the Polaris compared to the Deere, and the Ranger diesel will run 35-38 mph. Same price for both the 855d and Ranger diesel vehicles.

Advantage, Polaris.

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I do wish Polaris would come out with some add-on's for the Brutus. Front and rear off road lights (not for off roading but for better vision at night, especially in reverse)

Rear view mirror and side rear view mirrors.

PTO driven wood chipper (I would totally buy one!)

I know the bob cat version the front hydro's will lift higher, mainly due to design. Would be nice to be able to lift things with the fork higher than it's current lift height capabilities.
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