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Polaris Brutus garage in Colorado

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm happy to be here. My 2013 Brutus won't start even though the battery has enough power, the starter rotates and after a few seconds it smells like Diesel. I don't know how to repair this error, so I'm looking for a garage in the area of Denver, CO. I've been to four Polaris dealers, and nobody could help me because they don't work on Brutus models anymore.
If anyone has any advice for me on how to fix this error or knows a good garage, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for your support and answer.
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Hi Jens, I don't have much advice on fixing the problem but I would suggest looking into Bobcat. They still acknowledge the 3650 with parts and are cheaper. My Brutus is very new to me and so are the potential problems. I haven't had it long and I have only used it for about 4 times. I am still going through it. Just checking and changing all filters and fluids. I just bought the filters from Bobcat. I know there's crosses but had to get one part that I couldn't find. Mine also has a turbo so it's also new to me for that. Good luck trying that. Walt
Hi. I take mine to Bobcat, they had no issue servicing and fixing mine. My 2013 started super hard and not at all if cold this year. They found the glow plugs were not working. Replaced and starts like a champ. All the Polaris dealership would not service it. Shame on them for that.
Check the fuel filter. I have a 2014 Brutus HD PTO and have replaced mine three times. Get one at auto zone with a lifetime warranty.
Thanks a lot to all of you for your support and answers. I think, I will replace the glow plugs first and hope that Brutus will fire up again afterwards.
I wanted to replace the air filter anyway, so it's best to replace the fuel filter at the same time. I'll keep you posted.
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