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Asked my Polaris and Bobcat dealers, none of them had heard any rumors of new attachments or motors. OTOH, up until a few weeks ago they didn't even have brochures except for 2013 attachment single sheets, so I don't expect them to be up on the latest news.

Bobcat dealer expressed skepticism on the idea that a power auger (ditch witch) would be feasible on the HDPTO, not enough hydraulic flow and not high enough of a lift.

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I ordered MY14 Bobcat 3650 this week and Yes this is correct about the Kohler in the 2015s. I ordered from Leppo in Canton, Ohio. Before I placed my order I had them check with Bobcat for any changes coming, especially with this late into the year of an order. My salesman got back to me the same day with this information!

MY15 Bobcat 3650
- changing to Kohler Tier 4 compliant engine
- hydro trans stays
- improvement to cabs
- no speed increase

MY15 Bobcat 3600
- changing to Kohler Tier 4 compliant engine
- belt drive trans
- speed kit for 40 mph
- improvement to cab

There are also some new attachments coming but unsure of what those might be, grapple available now. This is all the information he could give me at this time and that we wouldn't see them until Feb. or March. He talked me into staying with MY14 model year unit because he feels the new Tier 4 will cost more to maintain based on what he's seeing with other machines he sells that are Tier 4 now. I just wanted to offer this info to everyone because I sure would imagine that the Brutus is headed for the same change. Maybe even a PTO machine without a cab would make sense since Bobcat offers it??
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