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Hi all, I am new to your web site. Hope to glean some help and info from you if I can. I am presently an owner of a 2007 620i Gator but am looking at a possible trade to a Brutus with 95 hrs. on the clock. it comes with all the standard stuff plus a bucket scoop, power lift bed, rear light kit, and enclosed cab. It looks in pretty good condition. The dealer is asking $14,290 for it. Does that seem reasonable? Any issues that I should be aware of? I have been a little disappointed with the Gator and it's belt drive transmission. The Brutus drives more like I would expect for this type of vehicle and reminds me a lot of how my Kubota tractor drives.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts or input.
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Well, I pulled the trigger on the deal and traded the 620i Gator for the Brutus .Got over $7K for the Gator on the trade. So far, I am liking the Brutus especially going down hills. I never cared for the CVT drive set up on the gator(makes no sense to accelerate to slow down). The Brutus does fairly well on the straight and level (approx. 25 mph.) but does seem to bog down a bit going up hill but I can live with that. The noise level is a little intense also but I am looking to add some noise isolation to the cab and plug the open slot at the rear bottom of the cabin with some sort of molding. Now time to add some gegaws to it and customize it a little with some breakaway mirrors etc. does anyone know of an available kit for adding extended rails for the bed?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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