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Hi all, I am new to your web site. Hope to glean some help and info from you if I can. I am presently an owner of a 2007 620i Gator but am looking at a possible trade to a Brutus with 95 hrs. on the clock. it comes with all the standard stuff plus a bucket scoop, power lift bed, rear light kit, and enclosed cab. It looks in pretty good condition. The dealer is asking $14,290 for it. Does that seem reasonable? Any issues that I should be aware of? I have been a little disappointed with the Gator and it's belt drive transmission. The Brutus drives more like I would expect for this type of vehicle and reminds me a lot of how my Kubota tractor drives.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts or input.
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It is definitely more work horse than quarter horse. My biggest problem with my Brutus is that I own a RZR as well. Interceptor is right about the bucket, can't hold a candle to my tractor bucket. I was going to sell my mower but started using it on the rougher terrain and am starting to like it. Really like the broom and am going to pick up a snow blade. Great ride, very versatile machine, as long as you're not in a hurry. It helps to switch the speedo over to km, makes you think you're humming along.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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