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New to the forum and in the market for a Brutus or 3650. Will definitely have some questions but don't worry, I know how to use search so I'll try not to be too annoying.
Currently have a Deere skidsteer and 5 compact tractors for snow removal and looking to swap out the fleet one at a time to forward facing blowers. Toolcats are out of my budget right now but hope to get at least one eventually.

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If I had the budget, I'd definitely have gone toolcat.


If I had the budget, I'd definitely have gone toolcat. But then I'd need to build a new shed just for all the attachments.:rolleyes:

If you're planning on eventually having multiple units with snowblowers, definitely make sure you standardize on the new model blower with the belt drive. Actually, if I were buying today I'd have them quote a fully loaded model with the V-plow and the bed-mount spreader. Maybe the angle broom if you really want to get down to bare pavement.

I recommend checking with your nearest Polaris dealer and Bobcat dealer, pit them against each other. I found my Bobcat dealer not only offered a better price, but also has a much more businesslike service department accustomed to working on hydraulics and diesels.

Interestingly, my 3650 hardcopy user manual is not identical to the Brutus manuals you find online.
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