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my brutus is not what I expected

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I recently purchased a brutus HD for my snow removal business and after doing two driveways the machine shutdown I had no clue what was wrong I wasn't getting power to Ignition but battery checked good so I drove it back to dealer 2 hours away and the wire harness was bad on a brand new machine....so I had to pay another snow removal company 1800 dollars to take care of my accounts for me....I was very unhappy to say the least....so I get it back and I start pulling wood out of my woods off logging trails and as soon as I tried going up a hill I couldn't make it I couldn't believe the lack of speed and power if I'd have know the thing couldn't go up a hill a smooth trail mind you in my woods I would have never purchased it I bought it because I was told...it's a diesel it has tons of power....well where is the power? I can't even get up a darn hill it bogs down to 2 mph then just spins out
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Steelers fan,
I just posted a reply to this under the lack of power or speed post.
I'm not sure about the wiring harnes though, but the lack of power and speed is a free fix.
its supposed to be a free fix. but as I posted on the "lack of power and speed" thread, that's not always he case. in addition to the command lever issue that should be a recall item, my dealer gave me a "team tips" bulletin that layed out adjustment procedures to get more power and speed. I got a lot out of mine my backing the reverse power/speed down which adds it to forward. but I am still going to spend the $130 and get the new command lever and see if that fixes it all.
The command lever is free from Polaris and Polaris pays for the labor. Dealer is ripping you off. Who is the dealer?
The command lever is free from Polaris and Polaris pays for the labor. Dealer is ripping you off. Who is the dealer?
agree 100% had no problem with polaris re new lever and labour.
the story the dealer is giving me is that because the vin is not showing a recall, that Polaris wont cover it. even if the new parts fixes the problem. they are saying that the 14's should have the new lever in theory. but again, apparently no way to tell that short of buying new parts and installing them.
Ok, if yours is a 14, it should have the updated lever. Have you tried adjusting it? It's as simple as tightening a bolt...
the adjustment did make it a lot better. but still not to the level others are claiming. mine will do about 20mph ok. wide open on blacktop maybe 25. the team tips bulletin said it needs to do at least 8mph in reverse. I brought mine from 14 down to about 9. this helped a lot. don't really want to lose any more reverse speed. so im gonna take the chance and buy the lever kit and have it installed. that will also give the techs the chance to go through the complete tune process themselves to see if there is anything else to be gained somewhere. its gonna cost $130. figure the tune alone would run me that much if I took it to them for that. by buying the kit, I get the flat rate. (in theory)
Bushwacker, I am seeing the same thing. About to post a thread that describes what I found out with mine that I just got.

If anyone has the part numbers for the kit, please post it if possible. That way I can get one on the way as well. My closest dealer is in Conway AR that deals with the commercial products. So hopefully they have some experience with them over the other local dealers and can do the job right.
If you have a 14, I think they were all built with the command controller from the factory
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