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ITP Bajacross XD UTV ATV Tires

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ITP Bajacross XD UTV ATV Tires.
Fronts are 26X9R12 Rears are 26X11R12. These are 8 ply UTV/ATV tires that came off of my Polaris Brutus. They tore up the lawn to much so I got turf tires instead. They hold air with no leaks and are perfectly usable. The 2 fronts have a lot of tread left. One of the fronts has some rubber coming off around the rim area that the tire changer did. I included pictures of it and this does not affect the tire and it still seals perfectly. One of the 2 rears has a little more tread then the other but both have a decent amount of usable tread left. One of the rears does have a plug in the middle of the tire and I included pictures as well. This set of 4 tires costs $540.00 new. I'am asking $100.00. I would prefer to sell them all as a set. Tony 651-231-2517

Craigslist link with photos:
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