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Hydraulic component parts listing

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Just going through my notes, thought someone may find this info useful for doing repairs/modifications. The technical manuals for most of these can be found at the manufacturer's websites.

Hydraulic drive pump:
Sauer Danfoss DDC20 - Specific Model 11090545
Pump Type - Axial piston pump of journal trunnion design with variable displacement
Displacement - 0-20cc/rev
Control - Direct displacement control
Mounting flange - ISO3019-1 flange 101-2 (SAE B), 2 bolt
Input shaft - ISO 3019-1, outer dia 22mm-4 (SAE B, 13 teeth)

Hydraulic drive motor:
Sauer Danfoss K series - KV45DNERCFF09SNNA FF18NNNNNN
Motor type - Inline, axial piston, positive displacement, two-speed variable motor
Displacement - Max 45cc/rev, Min 21.94cc/rev
Mounting flange - SAE B
Shaft - 15 tooth 16/32 pitch per ANSI B92.1-1970 class 5
Loop Flushing - Custom
Minimum angle/displacement - 9 degree
Shift Control - Single input hydraulic, no orifice

Hydraulic implement/charge pump: unknown/no markings

Hydraulic implement control valve and handlever:
Walvoil SDM102

DDC20 pump seal kit
Danfoss 11101229
Polaris 3120661
Hustler 603362

Pump case gasket
Danfoss 11082808
Polaris 3120677

Pump shaft seal
Polaris 3120674

Pump shaft to engine coupler- KTR Bowex

K series motor seal kit
Danfoss ??
Polaris 3120706
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Auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers are ISO 16028 interchange, 1/4" or -04 size.
Faster FFH04
Do you happen to know what the hydraulic pressure and gallons per minute are supposed to be for the front hydraulic arm?
Auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers are ISO 16028 interchange, 1/4" or -04 size.
Faster FFH04
I know this is an old post but maybe someone will still look.
Question is: Are these couplers available "aftermarket" I have tried looking on amazon and purchased a couple that don't fit? OEM parts are like $100/ea

Would these fit? and if not what ones might? any help is appreciated
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