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Just going through my notes, thought someone may find this info useful for doing repairs/modifications. The technical manuals for most of these can be found at the manufacturer's websites.

Hydraulic drive pump:
Sauer Danfoss DDC20 - Specific Model 11090545
Pump Type - Axial piston pump of journal trunnion design with variable displacement
Displacement - 0-20cc/rev
Control - Direct displacement control
Mounting flange - ISO3019-1 flange 101-2 (SAE B), 2 bolt
Input shaft - ISO 3019-1, outer dia 22mm-4 (SAE B, 13 teeth)

Hydraulic drive motor:
Sauer Danfoss K series - KV45DNERCFF09SNNA FF18NNNNNN
Motor type - Inline, axial piston, positive displacement, two-speed variable motor
Displacement - Max 45cc/rev, Min 21.94cc/rev
Mounting flange - SAE B
Shaft - 15 tooth 16/32 pitch per ANSI B92.1-1970 class 5
Loop Flushing - Custom
Minimum angle/displacement - 9 degree
Shift Control - Single input hydraulic, no orifice

Hydraulic implement/charge pump: unknown/no markings

Hydraulic implement control valve and handlever:
Walvoil SDM102

DDC20 pump seal kit
Danfoss 11101229
Polaris 3120661
Hustler 603362

Pump case gasket
Danfoss 11082808
Polaris 3120677

Pump shaft seal
Polaris 3120674

Pump shaft to engine coupler- KTR Bowex

K series motor seal kit
Danfoss ??
Polaris 3120706

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Auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers are ISO 16028 interchange, 1/4" or -04 size.
Faster FFH04
I know this is an old post but maybe someone will still look.
Question is: Are these couplers available "aftermarket" I have tried looking on amazon and purchased a couple that don't fit? OEM parts are like $100/ea

Would these fit? and if not what ones might? any help is appreciated
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