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How to: Remove the full cab roof

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If you need to remove the roof from a model ordered with a full cab, here's how to do it without breaking anything:

You will need 2 sizes of Torx driver, a trim removal tool, a large plastic putty knife a small claw hammer, and a friend.

  1. First, remove the 4 Torx screws on the outside rear of the plastic roof (climb in the bed to get at the middle ones).
  2. Next, remove the inside headliner. You will need to unscrew the two screws right in the center (this is where the interior light would be if this were a Ranger), then pop out the two plastic rivets in the forward center of headliner. I didn't need to remove the plastic rivets at the rear of the headliner, as they were not attached to anything. The rivets are a lot easier to remove without breaking them if you bought a trim removal tool!
  3. From the inside of the cab, look for the 3 additional small torx screws along the front inside of the roof. Remove these, you may also need to remove the small metal inserts.
  4. Look at the back of the roof from the inside, and you will see a large plastic clip above the driver's and passenger seat. Take your claw hammer, insert the claws in the gap between the inside of the roof and the driver's side metal frame, and pry out gently to release the clip, while your friend applies pressure outward and upward to unseat the clip.
  5. Insert the putty knife upwards from the outside between the roof and the frame. This will keep the driver's side clip from from snapping back into the slot when you work on the passenger side (learned this the hard way).
  6. Repeat the same process with the hammer on the passenger side.
  7. Now lift upwards gently on the back of the roof while sliding forward, and the front clips should disengage. You'll need to work carefully to avoid damaging the foam weather seal.

There is extra space between the roof and the headliner, I'm planning to add some insulation/soundproofing before I re-install.
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