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Hello. Here a quick back ground. My wife and I purchased 35 acres last fall. It has about 5 acres of field that have have already put apple trees on and a couple beehives. The rest is hilly and wooded that has old logging roads cut through. We got a Massey ferguson tractor and bush hog for the "farming" part and last week we decided to look into the ranger for light utility and recreation. I wanted the diesel just for longivity and being able to use the same fuel as the tractor.

We went into the local dealer and he showed us the Brutus. Wow. It had everything we wanted. Forks and scoop. I was ready to pull the trigger but the wife wasn't so sure. After reading as much I could find online, my only concern is the climbing ability of the unit. Any insight would be appreciated.

I think I've got the missus on board so we are headed out right now to look at some other dealerships in the area.

That wasn't so quick was it?

Looking forward to being another proud owner.
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