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Greetings from New Hampshire

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Anybody else in New England?

I've been plowing with an ATV for the past several years, was glad to finally see a PTO-driving snowblower hit the market (on something smaller and less expensive than a toolcat!).

Still making up my mind about whether to buy from Polaris or from Bobcat. I know there is very little difference between the two beyond the paint scheme. My local Bobcat dealer has been much more accomodating, the Polaris guys had their one Brutus back in the weeds in literally the farthest corner of the lot.
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I bought the Bobcat 3650 because none of the Polaris dealers in my area are carrying it due to the high cost of becoming a commercial dealer.
I'm in Northern Maine and I bought mine this summer with the snowblower, lawn mower, and bucket. I think I would buy it from the dealer you like, as I don't see much difference between them.
Wow , how many polaris dealers are near you?
4 within 45 minutes of me, one in Caribou, Presque Isle, Madawaska, and Ft. Kent. All said it was too expensive for the commercial dealership to just sell a few Brutuses a year. To bad Polaris doesn't treat the Brutus as just another ATV and let them sell a few each.
Bobcat dealers are the same way with the 3600 and 3650. There are 6 dealers within 100 miles of Detroit and only 1 location has utility vehicles (Livonia). I had to buy mine from rushford,mn. Dealers in Detroit wanted just under msrp and they used the things to stack snow in there parking lots all winter. I bought a demo with less hours than a local 'new' machine had.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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