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I was just getting ready to hook up my snow blower and heard and felt a loud pop. Got out and looked and the front tires were pointing in opposite directions.
I drug the bucket over and installed it, lifted the front end off the ground with it and had a look.
The passenger side upper front a-arm bolt either broke or the nut came off. I haven't got in to it enough to find out. I looked on a Polaris ranger forum and found out that several people had the same problem, one guy had 3 of them break and some others had the nut back off and it came apart that way. The ones with the nut that backed off said There Polaris dealer told them it was there fault for not checking the bolts. I believe it says to check suspension bolts every so many hours in the owners Manuel.
I guess we all should start checking the bolts now, as this wouldn't of been good if the steering failed a 25 mph on the trail. I had just road about 30 miles on the trails the last time I used it. I had just moved it about 50 feet when it broke.

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Thanks for the heads up, will definitely check the bolts before I go to reconnect the snowblower.

We're expecting a dusting of snow in the next week or so, not even enough to justify putting the plow blade on.
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