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It has been a long time coming, always fussy, then sounding like a bucket of gravel slurry... But the final Failure was spectacular! I was on a paved road in turf mode with a grappler load of limbs moving about 10 mph in low range, when the front end leaped into the air with a load bang and clanging noises!

What the heck was that! It took me awhile to look at the Front Diff, but looking there, the pinion gearshaft still attached to the driveshaft was no longer in the housing. The housing Case at the pinion ripped clean away on the passenger side.

Off to the internet to see what I could find. The RZR uses the same front diff! Those guys are crazy, lol, let's see what the have to say. Talk about front diff. Failures abound there!

Turns out the 2013 modelsRZR and Brutus use a polymer composite Sprague with only 8 pins. On my list of materials for this critical part, polymer composite ranks just ahead of cardboard...

Called my Dealer Service Manager, we are on a first name basis these days, asking him to tell me about the front Diff. problems. Polaris is touchy about this issue, I am not sure if he said 14 or 15 they changed to a 10 pin aluminum sprauge but one of those front Differentials will run you $1,400 plus tax and installation.

Nah, I have a better idea I told him, I'll get a steel sprauge with 12 pins front differential for about $1,000 and install it my self. Some nice folks up in Michigan build those for people who race RZRs.

It works great, better turns and so on. Trail Sport is the place to get your next one when this happens below.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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