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Well the first real snow fall for us came yesterday. About 4". I knew the depth was not a problem for the Brutus but I plow a small parking lot and wasn't sure how big the windrow would get as I went along but so far so good!

I think the Brutus can definitely push more than the plow can hold though.

So now I'm wishing for a bigger blade or some wings maybe. Another 6-8" inches either side would make a world of difference as far as number of passes and cleanup time.

At 6" of snowfall I'd probably switch to the blower.

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Does anybody have the non-metallic plow edge?

Cool, good to hear somebody is getting some quality time in this winter.

I'm thinking about swapping out the metal cutting edge for polycarbonate, has anybody priced the rubber or poly accessory? Or ordered one from a 3rd party vendor?

The bolt pattern and blade size appears to be identical to Bobcat's SD69?
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