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Failed starter

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For the most part my Brutus has performed as needed. But... a few weeks ago it initially struggled to start, and then the starter wasn't spinning at all, just click, click...

Checked battery. Charged to make sure. Even tried jumping: I knew this was futile, but I wanted to pass the time until I could figure my next move:laugh:

Verified that all the relays were functioning. Again, this probably wasn't necessary as I was getting a distinct solenoid clicking. Interesting, however, because I found in that console area, I have the HD model with the front hydraulics and, hence, the joystick, mice had been active. :eek: Relieved to find that none of the wiring (computer is there!) was bothered.

Getting to the wires on the starter is really the pits. Decided to just yank the entire starter (easier). Verified that the solenoid was working. Starter gear, however, wasn't. Pulled the starter apart and found that the brushes were in horrible shape. Two of the brushes were retracted (stuck, had not been wearing). Looks like the thing had been sitting at the bottom of the ocean! I managed to free up the stuck brushes and get things cleaned up, but not until after I'd already found and ordered a replacement set that I found on Ebay: no big deal, $22 or so and I now have a spare! Put everything back together and all is back to normal.

I suspect that this premature failure has a lot to do with the fact that the unit sat for several years: 2013 model year; I purchased it in 2016 with about 12 hours (or was that miles?) on it. My rear oil seal leak is also the result of sitting. So, folks should keep these things in mind if picking up one of these New Old Stock machines.

Need to do a full service on this thing. Filter hunt now on! (using http://www.brutusforum.com/forum/po...ce/1025-fluids-filters-cross-reference-2.html to figure it all out)
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I am in the same situation. click click no starting. in the process of removing the starter. how the heck did you get to the top mounting bolt? i have tried every combo i have
okay i guess i hadn't tried every combo lol. got it off
How to access starter

I have a pallet of heavy equipment that is a pain to get off the bed I and don’t even know if getting at the starter requires the bed to be lifted OR is the starter removal best done from underneath?
Easiest access to the starter is from underneath. You have to remove about a dozen 10mm hex screws to drop the plastic belly pan, then you'll be able to see the starter up behind the PTO gearbox.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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