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Problem Fixed!

It feels like my joystiq has about 2-3 times more slop than normal before it activates the cylinders. Anybody dealing with this or knows what to do to tightened it up?
I found and fixed my joystiq slop problem today. The joystiq assembly was getting so bad that I thought I would loose control of the bucket.

There are 2 screws in the control valve assembly that became loose. One of them actually backed out all the way. It was lucky for me that they didn't shear off, break or get lost as my local bobcat rep cannot order that part anymore. (Part No. 43 of the Control Valve in the Hydraulic System - per Bobcat 3650 online parts catalog). I don't have a Polaris Dealer anywhere close to where I live. He could however sell me complete assembly for $1K. BTW - Lots of grease in there.

https://www.bobcatpartsonline.com/#...bove/0005-Hydraulic System/0004-Control Valve
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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