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Engine cooling problems...

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Yes while mowing in the high 90's the Brutus is unhappy. The problem is insufficient fan on cycles with unbearably long fan off cycles. I have found a solution for this problem that helps with another problem at water crossings.
Check this out,
Yes they are good folks who also enjoy their UTV's.

Now the cooling fan does what I need to when I need it to!
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Is this relay switch an actual plug and play on the brutus or did you have to modify it. My Brutus overheats in the summer and winter and is getting really annoying. I would here the fan come on for very short periods in the summer but come to think of it I dont think it I've heard it come on this winter. If it is overheating and I let it sit and idle and it still doesn't cool down like it should. Only way to get it to cool down is to shut it off and let it sit. It will then overheat again very easily when you restart and begin using again. Come to think of it the only days I didn't overheat is when the temps where -30 below windchill and even then it would come close. I would have to slow it down or stop and let idle and only then at these severely cold temps would it then start to cool down when idling. It just doesn't seem right that this should be overheating in the middle of winter even when it is extremely cold out.
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Have you tried cranking up the heat in the cab?

In the winter, I turn the heat to the max and open the driver's window to keep from cooking.
That doesnt work. Just took out the brutus again and confirmed the cooling fan behind the radiator is not coming on at all. It is a 2013 like yours GhostRider. I will check the fuse and relay again tomorrow. Would like to know if that override switch is plug and play or needs some modification.

My problem is my fan isn't coming on at all. I've checked the fan and ECM relay and they are both good. I dont see a 40A fuse in the electronics box for the fan they are all 20A and 30A. I checked and they are all good. My engine warning light comes on and is reading the correct temperature. The engine will shut itself off when it is to hot. I dont see any weak grounds they are all tight and clean. So that leaves the 40A circuit breaker between the relay and the battery and the fan motor itself. I do not want to order a new fan motor unless Im sure that is what it is. Where is the 40A circuit breaker located and can that possibly be it, how do I test to see if the fan motor is dead, and would the override switch fix this if the fan motor isn't dead?

Thank You,
The only circuit breaker between the electrical pan and the battery was a 20A breaker that is right outside the electrical pan closest to the drivers seat. I do not know how to test to see if its good so I replaced that as well and the fan motor still doesn't come on. I now ordered a new fan and shroud assembly. I sure hope that is it as it doesn't look easy getting the old fan out and new one in. It looks like you have to take most of the front of the machine apart to get at it and even then looks like a tight fit. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Thank You.
Thought I'd update this thread as to my results. I took apart the front end to remove the fan and shroud. You have to remove the radiator as well as it is attached and can not be separated until both are removed from the machine. Getting it out isn't that difficult once you know how to do it. It took a little time until I found what all needs to be done to do this. You have to drain the radiator as well before removing. So once I had gotten everything reassembled and the radiator refilled with new fluid I gave it a try. Still the fan motor wouldn't come on. So I finally broke down and brought it to the nearest brutus dealer. They retested everything and found out it was a circuit breaker that is not located under the hydraulic joystick along with all the other electronics. Not sure where this is located and the guy in service wasn't sure either. I'm assuming its somewhere between the electronics and the battery? Might have to access it from under the brutus after removing the full body skid plate? I do have 2 relays located under the front hood but those were added when I had a front, rear light bars, block heater, and interior dome light installed so I didn't check those. So anyway I apparently missed a circuit breaker somewhere and it ended up being something simple. Unfortunately it didn't go that way for me but you live and learn.
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I wanted to update this thread on where the 20A breaker was located that I missed. There is a 20A breaker on the passenger side that you can see if you lift the back box up and crouch down in front of the rear tire and look towards the front of the machine. Its in between the frame and the outer plastic panels. It should basically be right in front of your face. You can get better access to it by dropping the bottom skid plate. Then while lying on your back on the passenger side you can reach up and change it out. Once that breaker was replaced and the fan motor would come on I had no other overheating problems. Hope this helps someone.
Did you ever get an answer to the "plug-n-play" question. It seems all of the fan override switches do not have the right plug that is on the radiator. It is the pug for the other fan that is under the driver seat.

Would be nice to find one with the Brutus Fan Plug or fine those plugs to retrofit the switch.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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