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Conversion of 3pt TILLER to Brutus PTO

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Super new to the forum, just picked up a Bobcat 3650, came with a mower, brush and bucket. Would love to get a Snowblower or Plow, but my question is has anybody tried to convert a old 3pt Tiller to use on the front of the Brutus?

I have a guy getting rid of an small old 3pt tiller and wondering if anybody has tried to do this?

Would the PTO be able to turn it with out issue? Would I break something?

I know I would need to buy a new PTO Shaft which isn't cheap $600... (CRAZY for just a shaft!) but I could probably just by some of the components and make it work as well, as well as create an adapter plate to make it hook up.

Let me here your thoughts!

Here is a picture of the tiller.

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1" 15-spline

IIRC, the PTO connection is a 1" 15-spline, so might be able to use a less expensive shaft, e.g. Powermax garden tractor.
I have 3pt snowblower all hooked up and runs great. 1 problem though the pto turns the snowblower impeller in the wrong direction. I would appreciate some help. why doesn't the brutus pto turn clockwise? seems kinda stupid.
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