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Cold weather starting

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I am having problems starting once the temp gets below 50 degrees

I am looking for recommendations on installing a water heater, do the frost plug heaters work (looks like easy access on back of engine) or should I install a circulating heater? I put a oil pan heater on but it does not seem to do the trick.
Thank You in advance

2013 Brutus
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Start with the old thread(s) on cold weather starting.

Really I wouldn't expect any issues starting until the temperature drops below 40F. Along with heating the coolant, it helps to drain the fuel-water separator regularly, also consider adding the regular (white jug) power service diesel fuel "arctic" additive.

I had Bobcat install a block heater when I first took delivery, does wonders with starting when very cold, but I don't bother with it when the high temperature of the day is above freezing. Installation requires removing the threaded plug from the engine (you'll lose some coolant, and get air in the coolant system), but is DIYable. Also be forewarned that you'll need to know the thread size for your engine before you order a block heater -- not all Brutus engines take the same diameter!

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block heater is the answer I live in northern Canada -20 in the winter , the block heater turned on 30 minutes before you start the brutus works for me.
I noticed all the threads I have seen regarding this issue have either a 3/4 or 1" pipe threaded plug, My 2013 Brutus simply has a frost plug 35MM in size.
Is their a threaded frost plug I can purchase or do I just modify a normal frost plug to work with the threaded heaters mentioned above.
We used the Diesel Block Heater Kit #2878262 for our 2013 Brutus HD. Its a direct fit but the cord isn't long enough to reach to the edge of the dump bed. Ended up getting a longer cord from NAPA. Regardless the Brutus is not being plugged in until temps are constantly in the 20s.
Power service (the white bottle) helps immensely.

First real snowfall of the year, temperature around 0°C. Ran the block heater for an hour, started right up.

I need to grab a fresh bottle of Power Service, and refill with winter diesel. Any "summer blend" left in my gas cans goes into the heating oil tank and then I load up at the truck stop in November after they've fully switched over to winterized fuel.

I could just mix in 20% kerosene, but there's only one place here with a #1 kero pump, so it's not worth the hassle.
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one foot of snow and minus 10 , brutus started and took care of the snow, block heater was on 30minutes before going outside.
I have never had a problem starting my 2015 Brutus in cold weather. It is kept in an I heated shed and starts fine even in temperatures near zero. I do cycle the pre-heat mode 2-3 times before starting. I, also, fill the tank with winter-blend fuel and add diesel fuel supplement as well.
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