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Hey Everyone!

I have been doing some research here and Polaris' website about adding tracks to a Brutus HDPTO. Polaris tracks (for a Ranger) aren't "compatible" yet, and may not be due to the attachments on the front. MattTracks states that they have a set that is tested and will work, the M3 Plus series (https://www.mattracks.com/tracks/litefoot/m3/plus/).

I am hoping to run the tracks on some deep snow in the Pacific Northwest Mtns, and up some packed, steep, snow-cat trails, and hopefully be able to use a blower around the cabin.

I am most concerned about spending a bunch of money and getting something that doesn't work. I have heard about issues with hills and speed... Does that seem to be fixed?

I know that there will be a loss of overall speed with any track system, Will there be any left?

Currently there are some Rangers (700-900) that use the hill I am on, but no one has blades or blowers....

Any thoughts? Will it work? Anyone done it yet? Could I walk faster?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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