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Brutus up & down hills? EXPERIENCES NEEDED!

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Hi Gentlemen:

Going to buy an HD PTO in the next two weeks...but I'm reeeeally hesitant about it handling the hills on our multi-acre property.

Would LOVE to have your feedback, ideas and cautions (if any) please! We do NOT need 20MPH up or down hills...too dangerous...but we definitely need low end torque to haul wood in the bed from our forest down in the "holler" on our property! WILL THE RIG GET UP THE HILL?

We've used a 2014 John Deere Gator (rental unit) up and down the hills and it was no problem...slooow...but plenty of low end torque even with an 800-1000lb load in the bed!

Worried, based on your comments on other threads, about the dealer problems the Brutus' has been having with 5MPH or under maximum speed up hills. (Pintle level and swash plate issues.)

The hills below are estimated to be about 18-22-degrees. My son's 6ft. frame is silohuetted in black at the top of the hill and when he's standing down the hill near me, his feet are still planted "above" my head height...so it's quite steep.

Thanks VERY much in advance! Dennis

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Can't edit - it's "command lever". Just call and tell your dealer you want it and they will order.
Can't edit - it's "command lever". Just call and tell your dealer you want it and they will order.
Thanks. I will check into that.
Good luck, let us know how it all goes with them.
My driveway has about a 15% grade, should I expect any issues with Brutus on this driveway (snowblower mostly)? Will I need tire chains in the winter?

Has anybody used the Brutus bed with a sand/salt spreader?
I take my Brutus down a steep hill and loose rock of various sizes and it does tend to slip quite a bit. A friend told me to put one foot on the gas and the other on the brake when descending. It took only a little practice to give it some brake and some accelerator and I found it much easier and comfortable to descend the steep grade. You are correct, the diesel engine stops the drive tires when you don't give the machine a little bit of fuel. The foot on the brake trick keeps the vehicle straight while coming down the incline.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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