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Brutus Tire Size

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I have purchased a set of stock front and rear rims and want to buy a second set of tires for my Brutus - more aggressive snow-tire like lugs that I can stud.
Not for frolicking in the snowy woods - for snow blowing and not sliding down my steep, paved driveway.
I have a set of chains I'd prefer not to have to wrestle with and I've had great experiences w/ studded tires on my Jeep and and my former F250 plow truck.
The standard Carlisle's are not aggressive, $$$, and the factory sizes are tuff to impossible to find from other manufacturers. i.e. 25x9x12 fronts and 25x11x12 rears.
The OG accepted norm is go narrower for better snow traction.
That said, will I be better served going an inch narrower 25x8x12 and 25x10x12 ? or
go an inch taller as in 26x9x12 and 26x11x12 ?
There are well priced choices in either size config.
Most important- I need all the torque that little Yanmar can muster snowblowing uphill.
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I put a set of standard ranger tires on mine. I take the turf tires off in the winter (and during hunting season) and put on standard UTV Tires. I purchased them off craigslist they were New Stock, that someone was selling cuz they put on upgraded afternarket rims and tires. 25x8x12 and 25x10x12's for me
That was a nice Craigs find. I'm sure you spent a bit less than I did. I found front and rear rims on eBay ($200.) and bought a set of aggressively lugged SunF tires ( $300.+)
I am about to install $215. worth of iGrip tire studs in them. A bit of $$$ but not getting sideways on a steep, paved driveway with nice wooden gates at the bottom.... as they say, 'Priceless'
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