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brotus pulling a disc for food plots

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Has anyone used the Brutus for pulling the 3ft firminator disc,seeder, cultipactor combo? I have a Polaris ranger 800 and I went through a transmission and four wheel drive components last year pulling the disc. I am thinking of upgrading to the brutus as my ranger struggled and worked hard and constantly overheated trying to pull the disc.
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IIRC, the tow rating for Brutus is identical to the Ranger 800 (2000 lbs), so you might have similar performance issues pulling your disc.
The gearboxes are nearly identical to a Ranger 570 and 900. The differences are for function and not added strength, they share many major components. The only real advantage is there is no clutch or belt to burn up, but that's a huge advantage for this type of use. I wouldn't hesitate to pull a 5 foot disc with mine, I don't think it's any harder on the drivetrain than using some of the attachments they sell with it. The Brutus does feel tractor-like compared to a Ranger, but it isn't built like a tractor, just keep that in mind when operating.
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