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You should have gotten a manual with the blade, including descriptions of the QD hydraulics.

Here's the PDF for the original plow, process would likely be similar on the new V-blade?

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A service tech put on a Vblade for my Bobcat 3650. I need to take it off but since it is hydraulic is there a special procedure? I wasn’t sure I could just take the hoses off.
I have a pdf copy of the v-blade manual. Just disconnect the 2 hydro hoses and your wire harness, pull the pins and you are good to go.

I tried to attach it, but it says the file is too large for the server.

If you need the manual, send me your email address and I will send it to you.

I had to beg Polaris for it, they were not very helpful at first, but I did finally get it.
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