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Bigger Engine?

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I have been looking into the Brutus for a while and from what I understand it runs alright with its 24hp Yanmar, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there would ever be a larger engine option on the Brutus. I don't want to buy it until the problems were worked out of it and didn't know if a bigger engine would be in the Brutus's future.
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Polaris switched to Kohler for new production Brutus, but not a larger or more powerful engine. To get more power, they'd need to change out the entire hydraulic system, not just the engine.

Realistically, if you need more power, you probably are looking at something like Bobcat's Toolcat -- more than double the horsepower, lifting and towing range, and with a price to match.
The new Kohler is a bigger engine displacement, but same horsepower. I think it needs a turbo.
Ok, thanks I may start looking at the toolcat
Has anyone purchased one with the new Kohler motor? I am considering trading my 2013 HD PTO in on one.
I would be very interested to hear if anybody has the new model with the engine and dump bed "upgrades".
Don't, I received my 2015 Bobcat 3650 today, it is going back tomorrow. more on another thread. Not enough power to take 2 people up a slight grade or flatland. I wanted to put a 100 gallon sprayer on it & after the salesman went for a ride with me, he said they will refund all my money.
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