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Bent PTO Shaft

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I bent the Pipe on my Angle Broom PTO Shaft. What is the trick to getting it off the Broom?

I removed the bolt at the Base of the PTO Shaft but it still seems to be caught on something? is there another PIN I need to remove?
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See if you can find a copy of the Bobcat/Polaris Angle Broom Service Manual

The PTO shaft is held on by both the bolt, and also a hidden snap ring. Disassembly is covered in the Angle Broom "Service Manual"

This is a good case for buying a cheap pair of "snap ring pliers" from Hazard Fraught. Trying to remove them without at least angled needle-nose is an exercise in frustration.
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Thanks, I figured it would be in the service manual, I tried searching for it online with no luck.
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